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Liquid Handling System

The Myra Liquid Handling System is one of our laboratory devices offered for resale at HTS Labs. Our trained experts have been using the Liquid Handling System for setting up reactions in the field of molecular biology applications.

The Myra Liquid Handling System in our inventory has been operated by experts throughout its entire lifespan, and it's now available for sale.

Myra stands out for its compactness, lightness, high precision, and user-friendliness. It features an integrated camera and modern algorithms. Utilizing powerful axis control combined with intelligent path planning, the Myra Liquid Handling System is among the fastest single-channel pipetting systems on the market.

Precise positioning of the pipette tip allows for handling tubes with a small diameter, such as 384-well plates. Pressure-based liquid level detection monitors the aspiration and dispensing process for errors. Multiple dispensing is done with greater accuracy, enabling time savings and a reduction in pipette tip consumption. A closed container for pipette tip waste minimizes space requirements and ensures low contamination of the laboratory environment.

The software includes simplified solutions for standard laboratory processes, including qPCR, NGS library quantification, and more. Seamless integration between the Myra Liquid Handling System and the Mic qPCR Cycler enables a smooth workflow in the laboratory. Both instruments can be controlled from a single user interface without the need for exporting or importing sample names. Configuration, execution, and analysis can all be performed in one place.

Myra benefits from a compact size of only 10 kg, is qPCR-clean thanks to built-in HEPA filters and UV-LEDs, and features intelligent calibration through the integrated miniature camera. The pipetting system excels in accuracy and precision and is suitable for various plates and MIC tubes. With a future-proof design, Myra is already preconfigured for upgrades.

Further information can be requested via the contact form at the bottom. Additional information is also available on the manufacturer's page.

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Myra Liquid Handling System

  • Dimensions: W: 360 mm, L: 460 mm, H: 310 mm (610 mm lid open)
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Electrical / technical Specifications: 
    • AC Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4.0 A
    • Position control: Closed loop, 100 m resolution
    • Level detection type: Pressure sensing
    • Calibration: High precision camera
    • Strategy: Single or multi-dispense

Pipette Head

  • Volume Range: 1 – 50 L
  • Tips per rack: 384
  • Precision (CV): 5% (1 L), 2.5% (2 L), 1% (5 – 50 L)
  • Accuracy: 10% (1 L), 5% (2 L), 1% (5 – 50 L)

Contamination Control

  • Tip disposal: Internal waste tub with capacity for up to 1000 tips
  • UV light: High intensity 70 mW, 280 nm UV LED
  • HEPA: 99.98% at 0.3 m

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 18 – 30°C
  • Relative Humidity: 20 – 80%

General Features

  • Lid: Provides access to the deck and prevents contaminants during a run.
  • Travel locks: Used during transport to secure axis drives.
  • HEPA filter: Minimizes external contamination, user-replaceable.
  • Axis drivers: Control pipetting head movement in x, y, and z directions.
  • Deck: Six SBS positions, Easy-Fit-SBS™ clips for optimal positioning.
  • Waste tub: Captures discarded tips, Smart-Tip-Capture™ for even distribution.
  • Pipette head: Stainless steel, interchangeable, on-board control unit, compatible with 50 µL robot tips.
  • UV light: 280 nm wavelength for internal deck decontamination.
  • Camera: Used for calibration and deck visualization.
  • LED indicator: Blue (On), Green (Running), Red (Issue), Amber (Attention required).
  • USB cable inlet: Connection to a PC.
  • Power inlet: Connects to the power adaptor.
  • Power switch: Powers the instrument on/off.
  • Air vents: Airflow for HEPA filter.

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