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NGS: Precise Analyses for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Analysis, and More

With Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), a revolutionary technology that enables us to precisely decode the genetic codes of thousands of samples, HTS Labs offers one of the most advanced services in the life science market. Our NGS expertise supports you in a wide range of applications, including drug discovery, biomarker analysis, microbiome analytics, and many more.

In drug discovery, NGS plays a crucial role in identifying new targets and elucidating mechanisms of action. By sequencing genomes, we can identify genetic variants associated with diseases and uncover potential target structures for developing new drugs. Our NGS analyses provide you with the data needed to make informed decisions in the development process and maximize the success rate of your drug candidates.

In biomarker analysis, NGS allows for a comprehensive characterization of biological samples to identify diagnostic markers for diseases and monitor disease progression. By examining gene expression, genetic variants, and epigenetic changes, we can identify precise biomarkers that provide valuable insights into health and disease.

In microbiome analytics, NGS plays a critical role in studying microbial diversity and its impact on health. By sequencing microbiome samples, we can analyze the composition and functions of microbial communities and understand their roles in various conditions, such as inflammatory bowel diseases, metabolic disorders, and infections.

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art NGS platforms and a dedicated team that performs each phase of the sequencing process with the utmost precision and care. We offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and support you from sample preparation to data analysis.

With our NGS expertise, you have powerful tools at your disposal to decode complex genetic information and gain new insights in science and medicine. Discover the full potential of Next Generation Sequencing with us and leverage our expertise for your success.







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