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qTOWER³ auto Serie

84 auto (230 V)

We, HTS Labs, are selling one of our qTOWER³ auto series from our own inventory. We have been using the qTOWER³ system with the highest satisfaction.

The laboratory unit has been operated exclusively by experts and thoroughly inspected for sale.

It's an entry solution for robot-assisted qPCR workflows. The system (model number: 844-00604-2) combines the innovative patented optical technology from Analytik Jena with the proven Thermocycler technology from Biometra. The integration of the qTOWER³ auto into automated liquid handling systems allows for high sample throughput with continuous operation of the real-time PCR system and true "Walk-Away" capability. The system offers outstanding temperature control accuracy in the sample vessel, regardless of the number of samples (96 or up to 384 samples).

The qTOWER³ auto, with its compact, automated design, enables the safe and cost-effective handling of high sample numbers in real-time PCR applications. Its performance ensures reproducible analysis and quantification of DNA samples, ideal for applications such as genotyping, genomic profiling, biomarker analysis, and drug discovery.

The automation of the qPCR workflow is facilitated by the modular design concept of the qTOWER³ auto, allowing the decoupling of the analysis and power modules. This minimizes space requirements and facilitates integration into various robotic systems and automation platforms. The qTOWER³ auto is equipped with a patented, motorized plate lift system and a labware detection function for maximum operational safety.

The system offers high flexibility and is compatible with various robot arms and automation systems. The labware detection function ensures safety in plate handling, while the patented plate lift system enables the secure removal of the plate from the sample block.

Further information can be requested via the contact form at the bottom. Additional information is also available on the manufacturer's page.

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qTower³ 84 auto (230 V)

  • Order number: 44-00604-2
  • Block capacity: 384 wells
  • Sample block: Aluminum, special alloy
  • Sample volume: 2-30 µl (5-20 µl recommended)
  • Ramping rates: max. 4 °C/s heating, 2 °C/s cooling
  • Readout time: 6 sec for 384 wells, independent of the number of dyes 

Power module

  • Dimensions: 290 x 186 x 335 mm
  • Weight: approx. 12 kg 
  • Power consumption: 950 W


  • Software Connection: 
    • PC control with qPCRsoft auto
    • via CyBio
  • Interfaces for the external power-controller unit:
    • USB
    • Ethernet

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