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Multiomics Analysis Service (MAS): Revolutionary Real-Time Insights

Welcome to HTS Labs, your leading partner for cutting-edge cellular Raman spectroscopy services. Our innovative Raman spectroscopy service revolutionizes the exploration of biological cellular diversity, unlocking the secrets hidden within each cell and tissue.

With the Biospex Raman spectroscope, we offer in-depth single-cell and spatial multiomics analyses. The core of our innovation is the Raman Single Beam Technology (Raman-SBT), which precisely examines cells with a laser beam, making complex cellular dynamics, tissue structures, and bacterial identities clear and visible.

Step into the world of live cell analysis and next-generation phenotyping. Investigate biochemical changes in lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids at the subcellular level. Our multiomics analysis service marks a milestone in microscopy, providing non-invasive phenotypic analyses and enabling rapid and reliable insights into a wide range of cells and tissues.

Experience a new era of biomedical research with HTS Labs, where our Raman spectroscopy service reveals the complexity of life and pushes the boundaries of science.







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