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Hamilton Vantage 1.3

PCR Set-up

At HTS Labs, we also offer laboratory equipment from our own inventory for sale. All of our devices have been carefully inspected and operated exclusively by experts.

The Hamilton Vantage Microlab 1.3, which we have been using at HTS with utmost satisfaction is now available for sale.

Microlab VANTAGE 1.3 is a state-of-the-art laboratory instrument equipped with the ID Loading Device to automatically scan 1D and 2D barcodes. The pipetting arm of VANTAGE 1.3 is highly versatile, capable of handling up to 16 1000µl single channels, 8 5ml single channels, as well as a plate gripper and a 96-probe head. The innovative MPH96 allows for parallel pipetting in a fixed pattern.

Buy now and enhance your laboratory capabilities with the advanced features of the Microlab VANTAGE 1.3!

The enclosed housing with sensor-controlled door locks protects users and samples from injuries and environmental contaminations. The software complies with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 to prevent data manipulation and loss. Microlab VANTAGE 1.3 is powered by a robust Dell OptiPlex XE3 MiniTower and can achieve a throughput of up to 20x 96-well plates per hour.

The system offers maintenance and verification procedures with four teaching needles and a 2T Waste Block for space-saving disposal. There is also a Drop Side Waste and various Tip Carriers for tip formats. A Plate Carrier for Deep Well formats and a 7T Carrier with MFX Cooling-Heating Modules for precise temperature control are also available for sale.

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Microlab Vantage 1.3 (PCR Setup)

  • 96-Probe Multiprobe Head (MPH)
  • 2x 1000 µl pipetting channels for parallel pipetting
  • 2 motors: one for the pipetting and one for the carrier loading-unloading system
  • IDL (Automatic BC Scanner) for 1D/2D barcodes
  • Deck equipment for pooling and sample transfer
  • PC Win 10 Dell OptiPlex XE3 MiniTower:
    • Intel Core i7-8700 (6 cores/12MB/12T/up to 4.6GHz/65W)
    • 16 GB 2,666MHz DDR4 RAM
    • 2 x 512 GB SSD, combined as RAID 1
    • 8 x DVD+/-RW Optical Disk Drive
    • NVIDIA GeForce GT 730, 2GB, FH (DP/DP)

Microlab Vantage 1.3 Software

  • Hamilton Method Editor
  • Hamilton Run Control
  • Instinct V 2.3
  • Microlab STAR Venus

Device Accessories

  • Device table with swing arm for monitor/mouse/keyboard
  • Device table without cover on wheels.

Arm Channel/MPH/IPG

  • MPH with 96x 1000µl in a fixed pipetting pattern, compatible with 10, 50, 300, and 1000 µl tips
  • Asymmetrically spreadable in the y- and z-direction
  • 2x standard pipetting channels with 1000µl pipetting heads
  • Minimum distance between 2x 1000µl channels is 9mm, and between 2x 5ml channels is 18mm
  • Teaching Needles 1000 µl for maintenance and verification procedures

Additional Equipment

  • 2T Waste: Space-saving waste block on 2T, exclusively for up to 16 individual pipetting channels
  • Drop Side Waste: Waste chute on the left side of Microlab VANTAGE, for MPH96
  • 2 x Tip Carrier for 5x Tip Rack: Carrier for holding 5 tip racks for all tip sizes
  • 1 x Plate Carrier for Deep Well Format: Carrier for holding 5 deep well plates
  • 2 x Plate Carrier for Deep Well Format (for metal adapters)
  • MFX Carrier with an MFX Cooling-Heating Module (0°C-95°C) and an adapter for 24 2ml tubes

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