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Hamilton Vantage 2.0

Pooling & Sample Transfer

HTS Labs is pleased to offer you exclusive laboratory equipment from our own inventory for sale. All of our devices have been carefully tested and operated exclusively by experts in the field. Take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from our laboratory equipment and update your own lab to the latest standards.

The Hamilton Vantage 2.0 is one of our high-quality laboratory devices that we have for sale.

We have been using the advanced Microlab VANTAGE 2.0 from Hamilton with the utmost satisfaction. The system allows for parallel pipetting with a pipetting head of 16x 1000 µl pipetting channels and an impressive throughput of 1300 samples per hour. The IDL allows barcode scanning, while the deck equipment ensures pooling and sample transfer. The software includes the Hamilton Method Editor, Hamilton Run Control, Instinct V, and Microlab STAR Venus.

The hardware consists of a Dell OptiPlex XE3 MiniTower with an Intel Core i7-8700 processor, 16 GB RAM, 2 x 512 GB SSD in RAID 1 configuration, and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 graphics card. Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 are installed. The Arm Channel/IPG provides flexibility for pipetting arms and accessories, while the device table on wheels ensures maximum flexibility.

The Microlab VANTAGE relies on precision pipetting using air displacement and a modular design for optimal adaptation to laboratory requirements. The INSTINCT V software allows for easy design of assays and workflows. Barcode scanners track samples, while the closed housing structure protects users and data.

Overall, the Microlab VANTAGE offers ultimate precision, performance, and flexibility for efficient laboratory work. Further information can be requested via the contact form. Additional information is also available on the manufacturer's page.

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Microlab Vantage 2.0 (Pooler)

  • Pipetting Head: 16x 1000 µl pipetting channels for parallel pipetting
  • 2 Motors: Pipetting and Carrier Loading-Unloading System
  • IDL (Automatic BC Scanner) for 1D/2D Barcodes
  • Deck Equipment for Pooling & Sample Transfer
  • Throughput: up to 1300 samples/hour
  • Single Loading: up to 1152 samples in 50 min
  • Samples pre-sorted, carriers provided
  • 4 min per device loading/unloading
  • Number of Tracks: 80 / reachable Tracks: 72
  • Software: Hamilton Method Editor, Hamilton Run Control, Instinct V 2.3, Microlab STAR Venus

Microlab Vantage 2.0 Details

  • ID Loading Device for 1D/2D Barcodes
  • Includes device enclosure and Venus on Vantage Software
  • Standard PC Win 10 (Dell OptiPlex XE3 MiniTower)
    • Intel Core i7-8700, 16 GB RAM, 2 x 512 GB SSD (RAID 1)
    • NVIDIA GeForce GT 730, 2GB
    • Various connections (USB, Ethernet, etc.)
    • Win10 IoT Ent LTSC 2019, Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019
    • 21.5'' Wide screen LED Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Webcam, Soundbar

Arm Channel/IPG

  • Pipetting Arm for 16x 1000µl single channels, up to 8x 5ml single channels, Plate Gripper (IPG)
  • Minimum distance 9mm (1000µl), 18mm (5ml)
  • 16 Standard Pipetting Channels, asymmetrically expandable
  • Compatible with various tips
  • 8 Teaching Needles for maintenance and verification procedures

Additional Equipment

  • 2T Waste: Space-saving waste block for up to 16 individual pipetting channels
  • Tip Carrier for 4x Tip Rack: Accommodates 4 tip racks for all tip sizes
  • Reagent Carrier: Carrier for 3x 120µl reagent troughs
  • Sample Carrier 24 (9 Sets): Accommodates 24 tubes each (14.5-18 mm diameter, 60-120 mm height)
  • Sample Carrier 32 (12 Sets): Accommodates 32 tubes each (11-14 mm diameter, 60-120 mm height)
  • Plate Carrier for Deep Well Format (3 Sets): Accommodates 4 deep well plates, consisting of a MultiFlex Carrier base plate Landscape and four MultiFlex DWP modules

Device Accessories

  • Device table with swivel arm for monitor/mouse/keyboard
  • Device table without cover on wheels

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